In this time, we know its vital to be aware of the way we produce and consume, especially in such a reckless industry.
We have started, and will continue to keep introducing ways that we can be as responsible as possible. With quality being our biggest passion we promise to deliver designs that speak personality and longevity made in beautiful fabrics. So they can be worn season after season.
With the recent introduction of Vita Carvico, an ECONYLN to our best selling swimwear pieces. We aim to phase out newly made nylon with recycled alternatives. 
 In addition to this, we promise to use majority organic cotton, bamboo cotton blends or up-cycled materials where we can.
XCHARNAUD believes in this world now is the time to start thinking about what should be valued highest, how we produce and use fashion. With the fashion industry being the worlds second biggest polluter its time to start buying fewer higher quality longer lasting pieces and less cheap and regular purchases that end up as waste within a season.
We are proud to be a plastic free online store since June 2018. All our production is packed in 100% biodegradable packing slips made from cassava starch and other renewable resources. All our orders are posted in 100% recycled materials 100% biodegradable mailing bag.